About Me

I spent most of my adult life living in Fleetwood, an isolated, deprived little fishing town in the North-West of England. Whilst studying at university for four years, I was able to travel to almost a dozen European counties and over twenty cities. But, none of these cities were able to grip me as much as Athens. I explain why I love Athens so much in a previous blog post: Five Things I love About Athens

I first visited this heavenly hellish cocktail of culture when I was nineteen, and ever since I fantasized about living here.

One day I woke up and decided I couldn’t carry on living a “normal” life, so I quit my job, wrote a note, packed a suit and booked a one-way flight to Athens to look for work.

After risking everything, three days later I received a job with Teleperformance and am now happier than ever. You can read more about this at https://www.aworldtotravel.com/job-in-athens/

I love venturing outside of my comfort zone, meeting new people, eating foreign foods and learning everything I can about a place. I also enjoy writing.

This combination of interests is exactly why I have started a travel blog about this wonderful city.